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Our Fifth Birthday Celebration

Friday 1st March saw Buddy_Cups celebrating their 5th birthday with a delicious afternoon tea at Hotel Indigo in Durham. It is hard to believe we have reached 5 years already. It was a very relaxing afternoon of good chat, laughter, some colouring, quiz and just generally having a lovely time getting to know one another better. We were looked after by the staff at Hotel Indigo extremely well as they catered to a full restaurant plus all our Buddy_Cups ladies who numbered 30 this year. They provided such excellent service and catered to the many dietary requirements of the group with smiles on their faces. We had invited some guests to attend with us who have worked with us this past year and we thank them all for coming along and chatting to the ladies on their tables. Jo from Walk 5K My Way, Tracy from Durham Community Action, Diane from Macmillan, Sue and Faith, Social Prescribers from Claypath Surgery. Doggie Boxes were on the agenda at home time for any cakes we could not quite manage 😀. One of our sponsors, Mr Graham Goulding wrote a lovely commemorative poem to mark the celebration which was much appreciated, copy of which is attached. We received some lovely cupcakes and chocolates on the day from our guests and cakes were taken home on the day but the chocolates will be eaten at our April meeting on Friday 5th April when we will be having a go at flower arranging so do come along and join us and meet some new people. Our new programme of events will be getting sent out shortly and will be posted on our social media pages soon. We hope to meet many new ladies as we enter year 6 and they are always welcome on the 1st Friday of each month in the Snug Café at Rendevous Café in Hotel Indigo at 1pm. Hope to see you all there.


An exciting re-birth


The concept of Buddy Cups five years ago

Was born of the fusion of need and desire

To remedy woefully missing support,

And give some comfort to those suffering thereby.


The following years have slowly but surely

Allowed the growth of the infant idea.

A gradual increase in the number of members

Who, sharing their experience have greatly deepened

The understanding of the challenge faced by all

And solidified the  determination of all our members

To achieve the objectives upon which we were founded.


Five years on, the chance has arrived

To offer and deliver a much wider service.

  Our early beginnings  restricted our help

Only to those in our local area.

                              Now broader boundaries will allow us to welcome

Many more friends from an extended locale.

 We look forward, as always with unwavering  resolve

To assist many more enduring their fears alone.


Thank you all for the past year’s support

And let us take joy that our developing cause

Is continuing to reach towards our stated aims:

 Uplift, Inspire, Be!



Semper Eadem aka Graham Goulding

January 2024


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